Welcome to Ace In The Hole Guide Service hog & javelina Texas hunting!!!

Hog hunt Texas, look no further!

Texas hog hunting has become very popular, and Ace In The Hole Guide Service has been conducting these hunts for the last 20 years which has given them the experience and the many ranches in which to hunt.

Ace In The Hole Guide Service is the top professional and reputable Texas hog hunting outfitter that has numerous return & new clientele, because unlike several other Texas outfitters & guides we have access to over 50,000 acres, and we are able to change ranches weekly so that hunters stay on fresh game and  hunters success is high, yet still being fair chase hunts and no pens!

Brent Hopkins, owner of Ace In The Hole Guide Service is a full-time professional guide that has several ranches located in the southern half of Texas for running south Texas hog hunts. Brent also conducts central Texas hog hunts.

South Texas is the javelina hunting capitol of the world! With javelina being on many a trophy hunters list, the South Texas Brush Country is the place to go to fill that hole in your trophy room wall.  Hunters success is very high, and an exciting hunt for archery hunters and kids alike.

All of our Texas feral hog hunts and Texas javelina hunts are conducted from approximately first of February through April while the weather is still cool, the bugs have not yet materialized usually, new plant growth has yet to come, and the game is used to coming to feed after our deer season is over.


  • Unlimited feral hogs!
  • We allow night hunting!
  • Night Vision Weapons are available!
  • Any weapon except fully auto welcomed!
  • Lodging and walk-in coolers!
  • Fair chase hunting…..NO PENS!

We also RUN-N-CATCH HUNTS WITH DOGS throughout the year!!!